interested in raw milk?

Raw milk is in short supply! Here's how it works


Call us to schedule a time to come out and watch the milking and bottling. We want you to experience your food being prepared for you, and to meet the cows, and ask all the questions you want.

(This is not a requirement but we feel it’s very important. Our customers tell us all the time how happy they are they made the trip.)


After that, decide if you want to be:

  • on the priority list for milk. This means we will automatically bottle the number of jars you want each week, or every other week. We will schedule you for a particular day for pick-up, and whether you want that to be at the farm or at a delivery.

(These people receive priority status when we have a milk shortage.)


  • on the will-call list. This is for people who don’t want a regular milk order, but are willing to call a few days in advance to place an order.


Then, decide where you want to get your food:

  • At the farm

  • At a delivery -- we make weekly deliveries to a particular location in the cities of Springfield and Ozark

Contact us to get started!



You do not have to be a milk customer to buy meat or eggs from the farm or have them delivered. 


On-farm pickup

If you choose on-farm pick-up, we will show you how to get and pay for your milk, meat and eggs, so you can stop in the farm store anytime during open hours to help yourself. People appreciate this because of the flexibility it offers to their busy lifestyles. We are always available to help you, and answer questions about any of our products.

Contact us to schedule a time to come out to the farm!

Monday thru Saturday
8:00 am to 6 pm


If you’re on a delivery, you will receive an email prior to the delivery letting you know what cuts and products are available in addition to your milk. You can call, text or email anytime to have meat and eggs added to your delivery.

Scroll down for delivery locations and dates.

Contact us to get in on the next delivery!


Springfield (North & South)

Delivery Schedule

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