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Pasture Nectar FarmWelcome to our farm website! Our family’s goal is to bring you the healthiest food straight from the farm. We have been serving our customers here in SW Missouri since 2006. Our animals are allowed to live the way they were created, grazing in the sunshine and eating natural foods, humanely treated. We hope to welcome you soon as a supporter of local, clean food and sustainable farming. Just click on the menu above to find out how our family produces healthy food for your family’s table.

Please check back often for updates and news from your farmers. Welcome!

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“Your eggs were a steal at $3.50 a dozen. I’m glad you’re raising the price…They are FAR SUPERIOR to the free range, organic eggs we were buying from (the health food store).” – Cody M.


“We had roast beef tonight (rump roast) and it melted in our mouths. The first piece of beef could not have been better. Thank you for your “quality food”!” – Ellen B.


“…we also had some FANTASTIC burgers. It reminded me of a burger of “yesteryear.” Thanks so much for the quality of beef you sold us.” – Cindy M.


“Your cream absolutely makes the best ice cream EVER!” – Honey P.


“Your customer service is superb….a side note, I recently had my cholesterol checked (I have had “borderline” results in the past) and it is now below borderline and my HDL is higher than any time I can remember.  When I got the results, I told (my husband) it is the farm milk.  Thank you for an excellent product.” – Joy M.


“So we just had your bacon and sausage with dinner – let me just say….WOW!  I mean, WWWWWOOOOOOWWW!  So good!” – Camille D.


“We had a great trip to CA and while we were there we saw something…they sold raw milk at the health food store!!….We bought a little jug of it. It was expensive! And it didn’t taste near as good as yours!” – Tami C.


“I just wanted to say how much I have missed your cows milk!  Being away out of state,  we have had to use a little of the store bought variety now and again and what a difference!!!  Yours is soooooo much better!  I can’t wait to purchase some tomorrow!” – Janean W.


“…..the eggs are fantastic!  They’re so rich and gold like eggs should be!  The milk is unbeatable, too, by the way.  We’re incredibly pleased with everything we’ve bought and feel blessed to have the opportunity to purchase them.” – Michelle C.